Capital Campaign

Our House–His Throne


Streamed May 1st, 2022


Brochure Commitment Card Presentation


What is the Capital Campaign for?

The Capital Campaign is to raise funds for projects that cannot be covered with our annual operating budget. By undertaking these capital improvements now, we hope to build on our strong past for the future growth of God’s kingdom.

What is the timing for the campaign?

The campaign will begin in May 2022 and run for three years.

How much will these improvements cost?

Our goal is to raise $600,000 to fund the critical projects identified. If more or less is raised, then the projects will be handled in priority, based on available funds.

What about the General Fund? Can that be used toward this?

Our annual budget already allocates the General Fund for specific operating expenses throughout the church and school, such as staff salaries and utility bills. The Capital Campaign would fund long-term building improvements and other necessary projects that are over and above our regular expenses.

How do I give? Is there an online giving option for the project?

Special campaign envelopes will be provided and gifts can be in the form of cash/check, stocks, credit card. Online/Electronic transfer will also be available.