Mission and Vision

Our Mission — Our reason for being

The mission of St. Paul Lutheran Church and School is to Equip, Support, Serve, and Witness Where God Calls Us.

  • Equip — We commit ourselves to read and study God’s Word, participate in worship and the Sacraments, and encourage others to do the same. By these means of grace, God enables us to love Him and serve our neighbors.
  • Support — We work together within our congregation to give our spiritual, emotional, and physical resources to accomplish the work of the church in fulfilling our mission.
  • Serve — We reach out beyond the church walls, to meet the tangible needs of our community, showing Christ’s love to our neighbors through our actions.
  • Witness — We tell our community and everyone we meet about the love of God and the work of Christ in our lives.
  • Where God Calls Us — God has placed each of us in our individual lives with specific neighbors and vocations. He also calls us into the wider communities of city, state, nation, and world. We embrace all those whom we meet as those who are in need of God’s love.

Our Vision — Where we want to be

We will shine the light of Christ into our community, drawing guests to our Church, where they will be inspired by the Gospel and united into a Family of Followers through God’s Word.

Our Strategy —How we fulfill our goals for the future

We build our members in their faith, encourage them in their prayer life, and equip them to bring others to Christ.

What Our Church Members Are Saying