Why Choose St. Paul?

How will St. Paul change your child’s life?

“Your student will get a quality education, have musical experiences that are unique and special, wonderful team building in all sports coached with love, and teachers who love them.”

Mrs. Anne Sagan – Parent of 2nd and 6th Grader

“St. Paul is the best choice you will ever make! The tuition is reasonable and the values the children learn are something they will have forever.”

Mrs. Kimberly Webster – Parent of a 3rd and 6th Grader

“Our children have grown through increased vocabulary, memory, and reasoning skills. These are critical things for becoming independent, yet understanding Christians.”

Mr. Chay Smith – Parent of a 1st, 2nd, and 5th Grader

“Both of my children have turned out to be wonderful young ladies, and both have a great Christian outlook!”

Mrs. Cheryl Dirkse – Parent of a 7th Grader