The curriculum and course of study at St. Paul meet the requirements of the State of Michigan. Quality education is the standard in all subject areas. All subjects are taught in a Christian atmosphere where Christian love and joy have an opportunity to become a real part of life.

The areas of curriculum include:

  • Religion – including worship, Bible study, salvation history, catechism, confirmation instruction, and memory work
  • Language Arts – reading, phonics, English, spelling, handwriting, practical and creative writing, and literature
  • Social Studies – geography, history, current events, Michigan history
  • Science – general science, health, family life and sex education, and computer education
  • Mathematics – use of numbers, geometry, measurement, metric system, and algebra
  • Fine Arts – music, art, choirs, drama, band
  • Physical Education – individual and team sports, skills, test for physical fitness and recreation

Students in various grade levels are grouped together in many subject areas.