Our Philosophy of Education

St. Paul Lutheran Preschool is affiliated with St. Paul Lutheran Church. The Preschool partners with parents in educating children by teaching the Christian faith in accordance with the Holy Scriptures and the Confessions of the Lutheran Church, and by teaching secular subjects in accordance with the Early Childhood Standards of the State of Michigan.

Our program is designed to concentrate on the whole child. We encourage learning in the following areas:

  • Social: Working with others and participating in group activities.
  • Emotional: Expressing feelings and demonstrating awareness of others’ feelings.
  • Physical: Participating in fine and large motor activities.
  • Language: Expressing oneself through oral and written language.
  • Cognitive: Counting, naming, and thinking conceptually.
  • Spiritual: Developing faith and learning about God’s Word.

Learning should involve all the senses; tasting, touching, smelling, listening and seeing. We strive to prepare children through "hands on" activities and a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Individualized Instruction

Your child will benefit from our individualized instruction and one-on-one attention. Our staff to child ratio is:

  • 3 year olds: 1 teacher to every 8 children
  • 4 year olds: 1 teacher to every 10 children

Overview of Curriculum

Our child-centered, play based curriculum allows for many hands-on, memorable learning experiences. Daily activities can include: Math, Science, Religion, Language Arts, Spanish, Sign Language, Art, Social Studies, Physical Education, Computers, Cooking, and Field Trips.

Below is an outline of the daily schedule for our Preschool.

Preschool Daily Schedule

Time Activity
6:30am–8:00am Morning Latch Key
8:00am–8:15am Arrival; hang up coat, attendance, lunch count, Announcements, Circle Time
8:20am–8:25am Pledge of Allegiance, Christian Flag Pledge, Prayer of the week
8:30am–9:00am Center Time – Math, Science, Art, Lg. Motor, Small Morot, Computer, Housekeeping
9:00am–9:10am Clean-up
9:15am–9:30am Gym
9:35am Bathroom
9:45am–10:00am Snack
10:00am–10:15am Calendar, Book, Weather, Music, Jesus Time and Special Session
10:15am–10:30am Theme based project, bulletin board project, Service Project, or walking fieldtrip time slot
10:30am–10:50am Outside Play
11:00am 1. Half-day children: go home
2. Full day children: bathroom then lunch
11:30am–12:20pm Full day children: resting room
12:30pm–1:10pm Afternoon Preschool Session Starts
Afternoon Center Time
1:15pm–1:20pm Clean-up
1:25pm–1:45pm Calendar, Book, Weather, Music, Jesus Time and Special Session
1:50pm–2:00pm Bathroom
2:05pm–2:20pm Snack
2:30pm–2:45pm Project; all day children will do another project that it theme based at this time
2:45pm–3:15pm Outside Play
3:20pm 1. Preschool Pick-up
2. Afternoon Latch Key Begins
3:20pm–6:30pm Afternoon Latch Key