Times: Sundays 8:15 a.m. & 10:45 a.m. & Mondays 6:30 p.m. Location: St. Paul Lutheran Church Address: 202 E. Fifth Street Phone: 248-541-0613


What to Expect

How should I dress?

Although there is no dress code at St. Paul, you will usually see people wearing business casual clothes — men wearing everything from slacks and collared shirts to suits and ties, and women wearing shirts, blouses or sweaters, along with pants, skirts or dresses. No matter what you choose to wear, the most important thing is that you are comfortable and ready to worship.

What do I do when I get there?

We encourage everyone, especially our visitors, to stop by the Welcome Center. There you will find information about the church and have the opportunity to ask questions that you may have. On your way in to church, you will receive a bulletin that contains the outline of the service that you can reference throughout the service.  Lastly, we invite you to introduce yourself to people, especially our Pastor.

What about kids?

Children are especially important to us at St. Paul and are welcome in worship! Every Sunday service contains a children’s message and other components that will involve your child. On your way into church, you can pick up a “worship tote” which may assist them during the time that you are listening to the pastor’s sermon. St. Paul also offers a nursery for young children who may not be able to sit for the entire service. It is located in the hallway immediately to the south of the sanctuary. The nursery is staffed from 8am-12pm every Sunday morning.

What is a typical service like?

Every service includes a combination of readings from the Bible, songs and prayers, a time of corporate confession and absolution, as well as a sermon, an offering, and Holy Communion. Baptisms, too, are celebrated with frequency at St. Paul. A typical service lasts for about an hour.

Do I need to participate in the service?

We welcome all guests to read and sing along during the service, though how much so is completely up to you. Guests who have been instructed in the true meaning of Holy Communion are welcome to participate. We invite the uninstructed to come forward for a blessing and to enroll in our Adult Information Class where Holy Communion and many other Bible topics will be explored. Contact the Church for more information about Adult Information Classes.

Join Us!

We hope you will join us for worship, and pray the Lord’s blessings on your visit. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using our Contact Form.