Mission Statement

β€œThe Mission of St. Paul Lutheran Church and School is to Equip, Support, Serve, Witness Where God Calls Us!”

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this congregation shall be to serve its members and spread the Kingdom of God by the preaching of the Word of God, by the administration of the Sacraments, by the religious instruction of children and adults, and by fostering Christian fellowship and charity according to the confessional standard of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.

How We Will Fulfill Our Mission

As members of St. Paul Lutheran Church we will Serve, Support, Educate, Witness Where God Calls Us. We will support St. Paul Lutheran School in order to equip children for a life of service with a foundation of academic, physical, spiritual, and social maturity centered around Christ Jesus.

God’s Vision for Us

St. Paul will be a shining beacon to our community, a magnet and refuge, as our Christian influence is felt by many. We will be a witness of God’s involvement in our lives. We will be recognized for showing the love of Jesus Christ and for being a voice of leadership.

Our guests will feel drawn to our church, invited and welcomed. They will know the love of our friendly members. They will be secure in our midst, accepted, inspired by the gospel and find fulfillment in God’s love. We will follow-up, listen and respond to make sure they know they are welcomed and loved. We will encourage them to grow as followers of Jesus Christ.

Our members will be led by the Spirit to love each other, pray for each other, and support each other as we seek God’s will together. We will be unified in God’s work. We will serve, support, and teach – we will be involved! We will encourage each other, accept each other, and hold each other accountable to God’s Word.

Our Core Values

  • God’s Will
  • Outreach
  • Teach God’s Word
  • Love One Another
  • Salvation
  • Unity
  • Worship
  • Living the Gospel
  • Christian Education/School
  • Faith

God’s Goals for Us

In order to support our mission of Equip, Support, Serve, Witness Where God Calls Us, we will practice our Holy Manners as we:

  • Pray and work together in unity and singleness of purpose

Through our work together we will:

  • Grow in faith and reliance on our God
  • Accept each other as God’s children
  • Share our faith with our neighbors
  • Add new members to our church
  • Add new students to our school
  • Fully staff our ministries with pastors and teachers
  • Grow in the knowledge of God’s Word
  • Support God’s work with our time, talents and treasures

In Order to Accomplish Its Mission, St. Paul Lutheran School:

  1. Partners with parents in bringing up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
  2. Educates children in the knowledge of the Holy Scriptures and nurtures a growing trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior from sin.
  3. Provides a quality education with high expectations for learning in an environment permeated by Christ and His Gospel.
  4. Teaches necessary skills, critical thinking, and study habits to live competently and creatively in a rapidly changing society.
  5. Nurtures the development of Christian relationships with peers, family and others.
  6. Develops the potential of each student to serve their Savior and others in word and deed as good stewards of God’s talents.
  7. Understands the nature, function, and responsibility of the student as a member of the Church and instills a willingness and ability to serve as an active follower of Jesus Christ.
  8. Fosters a Christian social responsibility within the Christian community and world through Christian service.